Sunday, February 10, 2013

Single, not Available

One thing I do not talk a lot about (especially online) are my relationships. If you've ever gotten bored enough to go to my early posts, you'll see that I do post about the relationships that were current to that time.
I've had three serious relationships in my life, and I dated a little in 2008 when I lived in Florida the first time. Been engaged twice, married once and currently divorced, and single.

I've always known I'm not like most people. I enjoy being single when I am. It is so nice to be myself without having to defend myself or explain myself to another.
-I talk to my cats.
-I have a Twilight calendar.
-40% of the music I listen to does not have words (movie soundtracks or classical music).
-I drink way too much coffee.
-I dress VERY weird when I am not in public.
-Most of my favorite movies came out before the year 1970.
-Yes I am allowed to have celebrity crushes.

Something I used to do when I lived in San Diego the first time, and Florida the first time was take a Kelsey Day. I'd get a book (or find a bookstore), go get coffee and read for a bit. Then I'd go window shopping.  Or I'd treat myself to a pair of earrings, a candle or shoes. Just a day to myself. I have not done that in a very long time.
There is not much to do in Modesto, and I really don't have a great desire to go to San Francisco or another "exciting" destination. I have more books and I can read currently, and it is hard to find time for myself in a large family with a schedule. It is not the same trying to have a Kelsey Day while in a relationship. It has actually complicated things, the guy doesn't understand why I don't want to spend time with him and such.

Every relationship I've been in, I have taken dead serious. After all, isn't that the first step toward spending your life with that person? So far, I have made naïve choices in men, but while the relationship was active, I took them seriously, and honored them.

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