Sunday, June 24, 2012

Picket Fences

At one point, entertainment was just that. Entertainment. If you watch older movies, they had fluffy plots, some included songs and dancing. There was no real value to them, outside of entertaining the average person.

 In recent years, the value of entertainment has skyrocketed exponentially. People are willing to spend up to more than $10 at a theater for a movie, invest in expensive televisions, DVD/blu-ray players, recording systems, sound quality equipment and even celebrity magazines. People have put huge amounts of time, energy and money into entertainment.
 In addition, people involved in the entertainment industry have also injected the once fluffy entertainment with lessons, and values they think the world can appreciate and learn from. To a point, I find some of these generic lessons to be valid: live life to the fullest, better to have loved and lost then never love at all, stay in school, never give up, and the value of friendship. Now each of those topics could easily branch out and have several subtopics. And I do not see any problem with that, as long as the lessons are lessons I can agree with.

In April I was watching an episode of Boy Meets World on YouTube, and the lesson from this one show really hit a chord with me. Cory and Topanga were married shortly after graduating high school, while in their first year of college. Upon returning form their honeymoon, they realized their new apartment was a dump. It was dark, and depressing. They went home to Cory's parents home to ask if they could either live there or take out a loan so they could put down on offer on a beautiful town house. His parents refused, and told the young couple to "figure it out." This at first seemed very frustrating, why wouldn't his own parents help him out in a time of need? Their friends tried to cheer them up, giving suggestions that could potentially make the place a more enjoyable place to live. "Take some pride."  Despite this, they had a determined attitude of 'anywhere but here.' After talking themselves into it, Cory and Topanga decided to try to fix the pipes that have been supplying them with dirty water. After tinkering and not having a clue what he is doing, he gets the water to run clear.

 It was a great moment to see this young couple accomplish this challenge. It marked their change of attitude, and it also showed them working together. To take this a step further, the couple went back to his parents house to appologize for their negative attitide before and to share their accomplishment of fixing the pipes. They even went the extra mile to thank them for being so tough and not helping them out when they asked., because they appreciated the lesson they had to learn.

I imagine that the growing up process is as hard on the parents, as it is on their children. Learning hard lessons is never easy, and I do not think they are fun for the parents either. So many lessons and values have been lost over the years, appreciation for a little hard work for example.

I had a whole other section to add to this, but I do not want to upset or offend anyone. I am willing to share the story, so perhaps I will either change names, or you can get in touch with me and I'll email or message you my conclusion to the idea of a little hard work.

If your parents are tough on you, be sure to thank them. You are not who you are or where you are without them.

The episode of Boy Meets World was season 7 ep. 10 called Picket Fences
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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