Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blog = YouTube?

My computer is completely full to the brim of information. So I am unable to continue filming for my YouTube channel for another week and a half. Why a week and a half you might ask? Next pay check, and then I can afford the 2TB hard drive I have bookmarked on amazon. So I am back to writing on my blog that I abandoned last year. My sister and I both turned to Youtube from blogging last year for a number of reasons. Those are our reasons, but I am back to it for a few posts at least. I've had such an exciting month so far and I was able to film some of it but i can not edit it yet, because of my lack of room on my hard drive.
Some of the things I want to film can wait, they are just continuations in my series, my 'Throughout The Years" series, and my '7' series. I was given another idea for a series too....but I can not remember currently. I also have book reviews to catch up with, and another review series I am going to start. There are also rumors of a movie to be filmed...TMI?
The things that can not wait to be filmed are FUA or FMA (Follow Us around, Follow Me Around) vlogs. The LA trip last month was a FUA for my second YouTube channel I share with my sister. I did not vlog yesterday and it would have been a really good FMA video for my first channel.
I also plan on starting a third channel, I'm not really gonna say much about it until it happens, when I get my hard drive, so I have room to film.
I am also in the market for a better camera, and I am also going to get an iMac for the video editing software if nothing else. But nothing can be done until I get paid, and get my hard drive. Are you noticing a pattern to my problem?
So for the next week and a half, my blog is my outlet.

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