Saturday, August 13, 2011

I changed the scheme of my blog today. It felt like the right time. For so long, the background picture was the view out of the window of an airplane, and I liked it. It represented travel, adventure and moving forward.
When I had xanga (remember that???), I would change the theme a few times a month. They would be tropical colors, and eventually I moved on to Cirque du Soleil ideas. I never used a picture of myself for the profile picture, mostly because up until around 2006, I did not have any pictures of myself on the internet.
Myspace followed the same general layout until around the time I left the site and joined Facebook. Everyone's Facebook looks exactly the same, and after how out of control the Myspace layout's have become, I appreciate the simplicity of it.
When it comes to my blog, I want to it be a reflection of me. It is my blog, my own personal corner of the massive Internet that I can almost call my own, for I do not own blogger.
After failing to receive any input via the Internet on opinions or ideas, I ventured out on my own to gather a few things I like in picture form. I found pictures regarding killer whales, water, coffee, tea, geese flying in formation, plumeria, music, clarinets, beaches, books, and I setteled on the current one of a heart on the beach.

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