Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shaping Up

.So yeah, I'm going to Disney World. I am to check in on June 18, so I have a bit of time to get together and see people. This means Jonelle, Carolyn, Chris, Brandon Mickalyn, Melina, Maribel, anyone else I forgot?
Here is basically what the program is. I live in dorms with 1-7 roommates. The rooms are fully furnished down to the silverware and cereal bowls. There is a pool, weight training room, computer lab, wi-fi phone, transportation to the parks, and other local locations, school clubs, socials, beach days, talent shows and other things I'm sure I'll fins out about. It is $75/week, and they take it directly out of your paycheck, so there are no bills to pay.
I am working in Quick-Service Food and Beverage. Nothing I can not handle. During the summer, I am going to be working 55-60 hours a week. Yikes! Well I did that last summer with 2 jobs, so I am not too worried about it. In the fall, the hours are cut back to 24-32 hours a week with the option of overtime.
In the fall, classes are available to take. They are not classes, like math, history, chemistry. They are classes in hospitality, communication, organized leadership, marketing etc. I am looking at
Some people go through this program 3, 4-5 times and actually graduate!
After the program, internships are available to take. I know that there are some in the Living Seas with marine animals including dolphins, and then Animal Kingdom working with animals like I did at Six Flags.
So I'm living working, and getting paid!

I really encourage every one to seek this out and maybe see what is their future. At least look at it and see what has me so excited!

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