Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So I have about 5 weeks left in my semester. I have a test in Calculus next Tuesday and I have a paper due on Wednesday in Psychology. Plus my regular band and swimming stuff and regular reading and other homework to work on. So my tress level is slowly beginning to peak. I can also tell because I seem to be getting headaches almost every day and I have trouble going to bed. So I started doing Pilates at like midnight to help me relax and stretch out my muscles.
I am very excited for this semester to be over and I mean that in the best possible way. I have worked so hard this semester, and I really think I am doing well in school as a whole. I am already planning my classes for the summer and the fall.
I am still having a hard time with the whole job deal. I had an interview at Hannah’s, but they are not sure about hiring me because of morning Calculus class. I told them it won’t be much longer until it is over. Besides that problem I was told they are planning on hiring me. So keep your fingers crossed for that job. Dad also told me there is a new Starbucks opening up by his work, so if I could tag on a second job for the life will be in very good positioning.
For the summer, I am thinking about taking swimming, Pilates and an online psychology class. So that plus working should keep me out of trouble.
I get so frustrated thinking that if I still had my car, I would *so* have a job at Six Flags in the animal department. When I think about it, my summer is going to suck compared to me a year ago. But I do not have a choice, so I have to keep a good attitude about this. In a year, things will be so much better, I know it!

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