Thursday, December 06, 2007

Current mood:bummed
I've heard that most great writers are most inspired and write their greatest works in the night time. Besides the part about I don't write, I could be a wonderful, remembered author.
 I have had the worst time sleeping for the past week or so. I go to sleep anywhere from 12-4 and sleep til 9-11. The really bad part about this funk I am in is my motivation hits at its hardest during these times. Then in the morning, I can not muster up the energy to follow through in my late night plans. I keep hearing this little voice in my head telling me to write all of this down in a journal of sorts. Thing is, I do not do journals or diaries of any kind.
The biggest thing I need to do right now is get a job. I've been trying to hard. I've applied at over 10 places, had 2 interviews...and that's it? I'm sorry, but I have the best resume of anyone my age in Modesto, and I can't get a job anywhere. It is the worst possible time to be looking for a job too.
As soon as I get a job, I KNOW everything in my life is going to be going up. I just need this one thing. Will no one throw me a bone?

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