Saturday, October 13, 2007

So I have started SCUBA diving, and I honestly do not think I like it all that much. =/ I am always claustrophobic and feel slightly panicked and uncomfortable. I was unsure of the whole thing from the start, but my folks were convinced that I would warm up to the activity, and I haven't yet. So in a way, I feel bad that as soon as I become certified, I do not plan on going scuba diving again. Eh whatever, it is an expensive hobby anyways. I'll stick to my swimming and clarinet playing and reading.
I gained like 10-20 lbs. over the summer and I feel disgusting and gross all of the time. I wear a size 8 pants. size 8. I'm fat I need to go on a diet bleh
I used to be a person who hissed at the thought of cold and rain. Maybe I still am, but my soul screams for the rain. The rain needs to fall and wake my dreams and clean my past, get me ready for what the world has to offer. My skin longs to be wet, my hair needs to drip with the sky's tears.
My gut has been aching with the thoughts and memories of my times in San Diego. This ache makes me sick. I need help to get over my past. I need to let the past go on.. can I ever forget?

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