Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I have accomplished many things in my life in the past two or so years. All of these things have lead up to this next year, 2008. I've never had so many options and I have a few ideas but I would love your thoughts.
Scenario 1
 As of this year, I will be qualified to work as a trainer at Sea World. My resume will match the criteria they require. I am not going to be a trainer at Sea World for at least another 1-2 years. And that is fine with me, it really is. They want to know you are a dedicated employee and very serious about your career. So I'm thinking about working at Sea World for the summer in the Education Department. I worked in the Education Department at Six Flags and I am confident I could do it in San Diego, just for the summer. I'd be there from May-August and that is it. I have worked at Sea World before so my name and my records already exist with the company and I do not think I would have a hard time getting back into the working field there. If not Education, I could do many other jobs. I know people there. I have references. I have people who will employ me. While working even in the Education Department, I could volunteer with a marine mammal rescue organization to get a little experience in and make some connections. This is the direction I am leaning towards for the next phase in my life.

Scenario 2
With my SCUBA certification and my experience as an animal trainer at Six Flags, I think I could land a seasonal job as a marine mammal trainer next summer. That would give me even more animal experience. The reason I so not want to do this is because I had a really bad summer this year and my mind associates that with Six Flags. Even with that said, I am not a huge fan of the park. There are better out there.  Last summer was a huge milestone in my life. I have done so much research and I know so many people in this department all across the country and the standards at Six Flags are not that great. They are not as bad as the Miami Seaquarium But they could do so much better with a little effort. If I got a position in the marine mammal department, I do not think I would like it, but it would look absolutely amazing in my resume.

Scenario 3
This is something completely different, but it is something I've always wanted to do. I spent a week every summer at Mount Harmon's Ponderosa Lodge. I had some of the most amazing experiences at that camp and I've always wanted to take a summer and be on staff at "Pondy." I know I am young and this will be the best time to do this small dream of mine. My dad was on staff many years ago and if I do not get on staff for one summer, I will regret it for the rest of my life.

I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks my friends!

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