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How do you become an Animal Trainer?
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A lot of people ask, How do you become an Animal Trainer at SeaWorld? Here are the Official Answers from

The following information is SeaWorld's basic job description, requirements, and background information on an entry-level animal trainer position.


Responsible for the daily care, feeding and maintenance of show animals. Develops and trains animal behaviors and performs in animal shows for the public and educational shows for school groups. An apprenticeship period of at least a year is required for all trainer positions, even with previous experience.
Our requirements for animal trainers include:

° must be at least 18 years of age
° prior experience training animals
° public speaking, drama, or other performance and communication skills (a microphone test is part of the interview process)° experience working with animals° scuba diving certification
° CPR certification
° an ability to interact with the public
° academic coursework in zoology, marine biology, animal behavior or psychology (preference is given to those applicants with a college degree)
° strong swimming skills (part of the interview process is a rigorous swim test that includes a 200 ft. freestyle swim, a 100 ft. underwater swim, and a free-dive to the bottom of a 26 ft. pool.)
° excellent physical health and the ability to lift 50 lbs.
In addition, even with previous training experience, new trainers are hired as associate trainers, and learn about SeaWorld's training methods and animals in at least a one-year apprenticeship period.

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