Monday, September 03, 2007

Current mood:dirty
I'm sitting and thinking and this is a small list of the completely disorganized thoughts floating around in my head like a thousand colorful baby bubbles on a sunny morning
I feel really uncomfortable when people talk to themselves. Going over a mental list is one thing, but just talking, even when there is no one else around or paying attention to you is just plain creepy. (Yes there is someone in my household who does this on a regular basis then denies the event happening.) 0_o
Febreze is a wonderful thing.^_^
I got 2 new Nintendo DS games and have yet to figure out how they are played  =(
Hawaii used to call me, but my new calling is Europe (mainly England and Ireland and Russia)
I have no clean clothes right now.
I am frustrated with 2 very important friendships right now and I do not think they are ever going to be resolved.
I could really use a cup of coffee right about now.
I do not want to seem *too* depressed in one blog all at once, because I am far from depression. I'm absolutely fine; these were just some Random Monday Night Thoughts.

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