Thursday, March 29, 2007

Current mood:hungry
I got an "A" on that monologue I posted. I had to sign it in front of the whole class. I got a lot of positive feedback. wOOt.

I love looking around seeing all of these twiterpated couples. I'm not really interested in a relationship at this point in my life, and that has nothing to do with Ben. I don't even really think of all. I don't like him, I don't hate him...I just don't think of him much, or think much of him. It might be nice to have someone to be all cute with, but I'm not here in NorCal for long. My love is and is living in San Diego I feel.
I do have some cool friends here, one of them is Rodney. He and I swim together, and he is a guy I can just chill with and not feel pressured or anything. Thanks dude!

So yeah, School is going well, the jobs are going well, I am doing well. I think Candi and I are getting together soon for a road trip. Either camping or to San Diego so we can get her paintings. What do you think?

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