Friday, March 02, 2007

Current mood:energetic
I could not write a bit ago. I could not sit still for my life, my mind was buzzing in every which way. Perhaps I shouldn't eat 82 grams of protein in one day. (I'm actually eating another sandwich, so I'm over 100 now). I should take up running or something. I was about to, as I ran to the mailbox, but it is way too cold out, and man you know how I hate the cold. Maybe in the morning. I know how and why dogs are always so hyper. Be nice to the puppies ^_^
Mom and I planned on going to Sea World with McKenna in 2 weeks. McKenna and I have reservations for the Dolphin Interaction Program (DIP). But I found out that I begin working at Six Flags on that day. So I am trying to get Mom to change the day, and I do not think she is going to change it. So that leaves me out of swimming with the dolphins, and that leaves her with our free tickets into the park =/ We are kind of at a draw right now. No final decisions have been made. I am a bit upset, and I think she is as well.
On Wednesday, I went to the ortho, because my bottom retainer was feeling loose. I also had a couple of teeth pushing out. So I got it tightened, and I am now wearing it 24/7 for at least 2 weeks. Growing up, I always liked going to the ortho. I got out of school, the staff are amazing and it was an interesting process straightening my teeth. At this point, my bottom teeth are as straight as the day I got my braces off.
School is going well. I am doing very well in ASL. I have very advanced facial expressions, and my signs are confident for someone with my experience. Swimming is going swimmingly. I've been so strong, especially in the last week or so. I just have these huge bursts of energy that come from nowhere, and propel me further and faster than ever.

I'm actually getting a little sleepy.

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