Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Current mood:frustrated
 Recently, in ASL, I feel like we are playing charades. I mean on Halloween we played Bingo all 2 hours. I swear after 9 weeks, all I can say is "what is your name?" and ask "where do you go to school?" It is so frustrating to just now realize that, and not realize it was happening months ago. Do not get me wrong, my teacher is a doll, I love her to death. But the class is just killing me. I have a midterm tomorrow and I'm not even planning on reviewing a single thing. For the class we were required to buy 4 very expensive books. I bought 2 of them, and we haven't used any of them so far this semester. I wasted $200 this semester.
My Humanities 102 class is equally frustrating. My teacher is very boring. But I find the class interesting. There are things that I know about history to be (relatively) true, and there are things he completely twists or is just plain wrong about, and I don't have the guts to stand up to him. So the other 18 or so students are being mislead and are going to go on through life with a very altered view of Christianity.
Then in Psych 211, my teacher spent all of today talking about taking her kids Trick-or-Treating last night. Sorry, I really don't care about that, I'm not paying to hear about her kids =/ In the beginning of the semester, we were learning about reflexes. So she spent 2 whole classes throwing a ball at us and telling us that its reflex that we catch the ball. *wOOt*
Man I remember at JC, all of my teachers were so passionate about teaching, I was truly inspired by them. One of my English teachers got so excited during each of his lectures. There was one really cold morning we were reading Robert Frost's, Birches. During that lecture, we took a mini field trip and left class and campus and walked into one of the neighborhoods and we found a house that had birch trees! He wanted us to understand what these trees looked like so we could fully understand the poem.
My Humanities 101 teacher I remember was Tom Parker. He was so cool how he taught. In that class we STUDIED Star Wars. How cool is that? That was one of the best ways to learn about the archetypes in stories. The Hero's Journey as we learned. We studied, Star Wars, O Brother Where Art Thou?, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and I think the Odyssey. Just an amazing class. I learned so much in his class. I had a Psych teacher I wasn't too thrilled about because all we did was debate in her class and I don't feel like I learned that much, but she had written 2 books at the time. She was just cool.
Oh I don't know what to do. I think I should go back to JC to get the education I deserve. I have a lot going for me here too though. MEH help me!

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