Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ok, let's be honest. I'm not in a good mood right now. But I'm going to make this entry despite that. I'm home. The trip here was miserable. Started out on Saturday, after my orientation. OMG did I tell you about my new job? I'm working at the bakery at Von's! Anyways, was sitting for that all day. So then Priscilla drove me to the bus stop in downtown San Diego. That place is scary at night, let me tell you. So we almost got lost, but didn't. So my bus left at 6:30 that night and went to L.A. Had an hour and a half lay over there. I knew I was beginning to feel sick earlier that day. I had a slight cough, but my chest was burning. So in LA, it was freezing cold, I was feeling worse, and the metal chairs were really hard. I was all alone, was talking to a couple of weirdo's, and just not a fun time. So finally, get going to Bakersfield. The Grapevine was torture. By the time we were in Bakersfield, I was close to tears, because of my chest, throat and the cramping in my legs and back. So I used all of my money and bought some Halls throat drops and some pain killer. So after that, I felt like I could fly, I felt wonderful. I don't remember sleeping, but I do remember pulling into Fresno and then pulling into Merced. So I guess I slept at some point in time. Finally got into Modesto at 6 in the morning and Ben was there to pick me up. Man I was not expecting rain. It's been sunny and warm in San Diego. So that was a bit of a shock. So that morning I went to church and a couple of concerts with Ben and members of his family and members of my family. So end of LONG weekend. Wake up Monday morning, I have a temp of 101, sore throat, burning chest, uncontrollable cough, massive headache. Plus, Dad is working, Mom is in the Bay Area with MeKenna and TJ, and David had a 9-9 percussion practice. Thank god the kids were decently behaved most of the time, until Mom got home at least xD. Bad news was I got Mom sick as well. Yesterday was the worst. I had a temp of 103.1, probably the worst headache I've ever had, plus this chest cold somehow moved into my head. There was one time where I got up to go to the kitchen and I blacked out three times. It sucked. Mom was gone again, Dad was asleep and I was just horribly miserable. Melina come over in the evening and hung out with me for an hour or so. She brought cookies and we watched Gilmore Girls. Now that's a friend people.  She told me she could feel the heat I was giving off through my blanket, it was weird. So after that, I just passed out and then it was today. I'm feeling so much better today, I went out with Mom and Grandma to run some errands, and then with Dad to the library. I needed the fresh air and I think I'm doing a ton better thanks to it. I was supposed to get together with Ben tonight as well, and I've been really excited because I've hardly seen him in like 2-3 weeks, and I'm feeling so much better....and he never called. I've called him like 3 times and he hasn't answered. I don't know if I should be worried or mad or what. Oh well, I don't play games, I'm honest. He knows that.
Ok well that explains the bad mood, and I think this post was pretty good. It was honest, and I didn't say anything bad about anyone.
*Good job Kelsey*

I'm out!

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