Saturday, July 16, 2005

Ok here it goes. Just got back from San Diego with Ben. Ben got an apartment and a roommate! Its so nice. I'm going to be over there *often* I tell you. Man he is going to have his own room and bathroom and man he has a nice place I tell you.

 My school, Mesa college, is SO cool. the library, oh man its HUGE!! It is extended over a hill so its no where near the ground. I have pictures.


 So right after we leave mom sees an apartment with vacancy. We go up and see the manager and he has a place opening up 2 weeks from today.  I signed the application today, will have the rest of the work in on Monday, then I will find out on Tuesday if I get it or not. Its a 1 room apt with a balcony for $875 a month. With a roommate, that's 450 each, and that's such a good price, especially in San Diego. Oh man its so close to school, and right close to school.


 Ben and I will be living a little further then we are now, but that's totally ok. He's going to have the TV. No my apartment is really nice as well. I need a roommate now. I have a poster at school and online. So hopefully I will find a roommate like really soon.
So yesterday after we found that apartment, we went to Sea World so I could fill out an application.  So we got there and I filled out an application, and the next thing I know I'm in an interview. Yes I had an interview 25 minutes after I submitted an application at Sea World. I'm getting a call on Tuesday or Wednesday. They have to proceeded the information and they are going to call me!!! Oh man I hope it works. So I have an apartment, a lead on a job, and I need a roommate now.
So that was my weekend, well I forgot about how darn close to the beach we were. Ben and I went out there last night for a couple hours, just in awe of how well this is going. Oh man I'm totally excited about this.
Well I'm out!

UPDATE: Pictures added 2013-7-13

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