Friday, May 06, 2005

In a lot of the pictures, I've noticed I have quite a bit of red in my hair. It's pretty neat. YAY I just watched Phantom of the Opera and all of the special features, there are a lot of them. So yeah I'm in that lovey-ish mood. Ick that is so not me. Well I guess I can recap on some of the trip.
Nina went on the Matterhorn three times, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Star Tours, Sorin' Over California, the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean and every other ride in Disneyland and California Adventures she was tall enough to go on. And not only that, but she LOVED them. She is a maniac. She dragged me on the Matterhorn over and over, it was great. I went to Tom Sawyer Island for the first time and man that place is so cool. Went through the caves and got reallllly dirty cause I was wearing flip flops. Went on California Screamin' with Dad, Grandma went on sorin' Over California 2 times and loved the feeling of flying. We saw the stage play of Snow White and it was absolutely amazing. It was wonderful. Oh because we have the three CF kids, we got to get passes so we could cut in front of the lines. So I think the longest we waited in line was maybe 8-10 minutes. And that was for Indiana Jones which can last up to three hours. The 50th Celebration began yesterday so this week the park had shorter hours so they could use the night to prepare for the huge event. The hours were from 10-8. But on Monday, the park was open until 8 30 and we got to see the parade and fireworks show before everyone else in the world. It was amazing. I was blown away with what people are doing these days with fireworks. Just amazing.
So then on Wednesday, Dad took me, McKenna and Nina to Sea World while the rest of the gang went to the beach. There were not a lot of people there which was nice. Got to see the whales <3 and got to see a training session. Man there is a pic of Ulisses doing an almost slide out, and me and the 2 other girls are there watching, and he was there for a second and we made eye contact.....oh my lord I got shivers. I can't describe the feeling I got. It was like that feeling of knowing. Like the first time you fall in love, and you just know....*sigh* It also happened with Corky. She has such a demanding yet gentle spirit about her. But yeah we also got to see Kalia and the rest of the gang. McKenna got to see her dolphins and the pilot whales, Bubbles and Shadow. got to see a lot of things and I learned so much. Not about the animals, but during the training sessions and the show. I watched the trainers: how they walked and talked when performing, and how they interacted with the animals. It was so inspiring.
On the way home yesterday we stopped and saw Dad's aunt and Grandmas brother. They were so nice and they both had absolutely beautiful homes. After going to sea world and then seeing the beautiful homes I was thinking how I would ever afford to live there. Trainers do not make a lot of money. If I don't have a second income, I'm going to be living in apartments till I die. not my idea of a nice life. So I don't know what my future brings. Come what may.
Well I'm tired, so if someone doesn't come online soon and keep me up, I'm going to go to bed.
I'm out!

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