Saturday, May 28, 2005

I wrote last Wednesday? Well we had a sub on Thursday in math. I have like 2 days of homework to do this weekend. It's all good. I got some of it done today. Will see how much I can get dome tomorrow and Monday, no school wOOt!
Well again, life never ceases to amaze me. At the Mo Hi pops concert last night, well let me begin by saying how totally blown away I was by their performance. I was actually sad I was gone from the program for the first time. My senior tear was so screwed up that it wasn't that bad leaving this past year, but from what I saw, they really pulled it together this year. Rock on! But after when I was going and talking to peoples, every one of then said I looked really happy. And I've been hearing that so often lately. The thing is, well I am happy.
School is going so well right now, Things with Ben are just amazing, and the other night, I found out I might be in San Diego in as little as a year from now! Oh man that would just make me all the time if it works out. A lot can happen in a year, so we will see what happens within that time period. I've been all float-y since I found that out the other night.
The only thing I really need to do is get another job. Don't get me wrong, the one I have is ok.
 Not sure what for right now, school, a car, a place to live, Hawaii, San Diego...only time will tell.
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