Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Wow life has been really good these past few days. I've been totally stressing, but I seem to get over it really quickly..
San Francisco was really fun. It was supposed to be 6 people going, but only Caleb, Grace and I went. Took BART and went to the Museum of Modern Art. I didn't realize how much of an art geek I am. Caleb and Grace were practically dragging me around because I took so much time looking and absorbing very piece. I really enjoyed it, I can't wait to go back.
Sunday had church and went over to Ben and Cindy's to do homework. Got a little done. But I love hanging with them 2. It's awesome because I don't feel awkward at all with them despite this really interesting social circle we have created over the past 4 years.
Yesterday, I found out my schedule is going to work out PERFECTLY this summer I'm so excited. Swimming begins the week after I get back from Disneyland. So does another math class I think I'm going to take. The math class ends a week and a half before Mexico. I'm going to have to miss 2 swimming classes for Mexico, but I know my instructor, he will be cool about it.
Then today, I'm just looking at how my summer is all laid out, and I thanked God for just letting everything work out. I feel touched right now :D
Well I'll update soon, I have a lot of work to do right now.
I'm out!

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