Monday, December 20, 2004

Well, home now. Bri and I were going to go to the movies, then didn't. Then we were going to go to Borders. But didn't. So we were going to go to McHenery Lanes. But didn't. So we went to Strike Zone and we went bowling. She won the first game and I won the second one. It was so much fun. But I forgot how sensitive my hands can be when dealing with weight. I totally killed my wrists the year I was on the drum line, it totally weakened and screwed them up. So we only played 2 games, and I felt bad cause Ryan was doing really too, but lost his focus. Then we went to her grandmas for awhile and I came home. Then Tomorrow, Bri is taking me ice skating! I haven't really skated in years. I used to take lessons, and was not half bad. So I'm excited about that.

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