Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Man, I'm getting old. By back and shoulders crack like every 2 seconds and are just tense all the time. They just plain hurt. And all in the same, I'm working on my tan. Yeah it's a little late in the season some may think, but I have my swimming class twice a week and my mom is convinced I'm going to get skin cancer. Oh well, at least I lived.

Man, I really really want to get around to coloring my hair. I've been wanting to dye all of it a little darker brown than it is then add blond highlights to it. I also want to grow it out again like it was at the beginning summer. They hacked off 4 inches and that was too much for me. but then a little shorter than it is now is also easier to manage, but I'm going for the look, not the feel.
Is it wrong to want something I do not need, but desperately want? Something I've had before and have not at other times, I'm so selfish sometimes, but whatever, this is my world and you are all just in it.
I need to go to bed I have class in the morning... ... ...zzz

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