Friday, August 20, 2004

I'm really hoping my family can go to the beach on Saturday. We used to go out and do things like that all the time when we lived in the Bay Area. I mean the beach was like 45 minutes away. Now it's like 2 hours away. I remember this one time, my dad took me, David, TJ, and 3 of the next door neighbors to I think Pacifica. At the time, by best friends were David and Ian, a boy next door. So it was a dark, cold and windy day. It wasn't cold, it was advanced the extreme. But Ian and I didn't care. So we went into the water anyway. And by the end of the day, our lips were blue. they went from a flesh color, to white to purple to blue. It was that cold. We also found a shack built from drift wood. It was so cool, it had a table and 2 benches in it too. But yeah, I have only been to the beach 2 times this year, and they were both in Mexico. Asd year, I think we went to the beach 2 times too, but I also went at camp. Oh, and the youth group went to the boardwalk one day too. I think this is the year I've been to the beach the least. And I absolutely love the beach, the ocean the whole nine yards. Plus the rest of the beach.
Yeah, it's after 2 in the morning and I would be asleep, except Nina is being a pain and won't go to sleep. she is now playing with my flamingo, and was watching Harry Potter, but got bored of that. So I'm ignoring her for the moment and she won't let me go to sleep..grrr and now she is hecka back talking me. Grrrr.
Ugh so sleepy...guess I could think of things to write till she finally crashes...k, she's gone I'm crashing... ... ... ...

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