Monday, July 05, 2004

Destination Unknown

Ah! Cindy is stealing me for the day and won't tell me where she is taking me. So that will be fun.
Last night, Caleb and I went to San Francisco and damn it was fun. I just wish we could have stayed longer or something. We took BART from Dublin to destination...talked about the weirdos and stuff. Were late so got some food and this totally ...interesting but very cool Irish bar/ K, so  I'm not that smart when it comes to things like that. So then went back to the St. Francis and went up to the 32nd floor to "watch fireworks." But the fog was in and wee didn't see anything. But all was not lost. So after awhile, we left and that's all folks.
YAY! Got my lap top yesterday. Stayed up way too late playing with it. Found out how to play DVD's on it and now the only thing is i need to get it hooked up to internet. Then all will be good.
K gotta go get ready to go...

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