Monday, June 07, 2004

School Not Working Out

For the first time in about six months, I feel at peace with everything. Everything seems settled and I am grateful for that. Except one class, but I'll deal with that later. She said  2 weeks ago I had a 65%. So I worked my butt off an essay, a three page analysis, a study guide, a test and extra credit. Then last Thursday, I asked about it again and she said I had a 67%. We had a project we turned in last Friday and I asked how it would affect my grade. she said I would have a d on my semester grade. Then my mom talked to her on Friday and she said if I didn't do well on the final that I would not pass the class. So how could a final possibly bring my grade down 7% and not pull it up 7%? She cheated me out of my grade last year too. I didn't have the best grade in the class, but she promised if we did well on the final, we would get a c or b in the class. I got a b on the final and got an f the class. then found out the final was worth only 10 points. This year, the final is worth a whole 15 pts! Does there seem like a bit of a loop here or what?
 Saw Harry Potter on Saturday, and the book is like a million times better, the movie leaves out too many detales. They didn't explain hardly any of the relationships between Padfoot, Prongs, Moody and wormtail, didnt explain the purpose of the whomping willow, or Lupin being a werewolf. I probably wouldn't have understood it unless I read the book, so whatever.
 Chopped off 4 inches of my hair on Saturday. didn't expect it, but no one can tell but me so its all good I guess.
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