Sunday, March 14, 2004

Movie, and Rudeness

Dude, another weekend gone to waste, OK I did some hw and cleaned my fish tank (have I told you about Jupiter, Super Dude, Fred, Bob, and the other fish that I have not named? Any suggestions?) Well tomorrow,I have a date with my dad to see The Passion of the Christ. My mom is seeing it with David, T.J., McKenna, and Jordan, and I am at home with Shannon, Lynnsey and Nina watching Mary Poppins.
YAY, I go to Disneyland in three weeks!! I never wanna grow up!! I really Cindy can come. Aw darn, that means I have to miss a Fever practice.
I really wish they didn't block this site from school, so what am I supposed to do during my Comp.Lit. class? Work? I mean they give us a 10 min. assignment and give us three days to do it. Well I could go to YAY for Harry Potter fans!!
Nope, I'm not being random. Not at all. I have a life. I have so many things to do this weekend. Man, nothing, followed by a little more nothing, and guess what? Some more nothing to finish it off. Someone help me!!
Really, what should I name my last fish? He is all white and um, yeah, I like fish. *blub
Oh, another thing, I really don't like people who suddenly act like they are your friend or something. If I don't know someone, like an acquaintance and then they ask how you are doing, if you're going to be somewhere, if they will see you there...come on, if ya don't normally talk to them, DON'T!!

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